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What's different about our underwear?

Ultra-Breathable Mesh Matrix

Our latest design features mesh holes at the pre-frontals sides of the boxers which elevates your breathability experience.

Ice-Vapour Technology

A special blend of different fibers allows us to craft a clothing for your special place which keeps it cooler in even the most heated conditions.

Bamboo-Fiber Tagless Design

Made with natural premium bamboo fiber and includes a tagless design to ensure 100% comfort throughout your day.

Extreme stretchability

Premium stretchable bands ensures a perfect fit for any body size & type without compromising comfort.

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Extra Stretchability
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More Breathable
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Greater Cooling Effect

Customer Reviews


Love this! Really suit my size haha.Very soft and cooling fabric.The size is good. Definitely will repeat order.


Packing good.Material quality.......very good. Comfortable. Overall 5 star for first try


Kain sejuk soft je bila pkai boxer. Memang premium da breathable mmg kualiti bagus.

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